At Lifestyle Health we provide Naturopathic and Nutrition consultations individualised to your specific needs. Naturopathy and Nutrition at Lifestyle Health is a holistic and evidence based approach to wellness.

At Lifestyle Health, we use conventional diagnostic techniques to assess and diagnose our patient’s conditions. We treat a wide range of medical disorders and practice preventative medicine at all ages and through all life stages.

Restore normal body function

by enhancing the body’s own healing abilities.

Reasons to see our Naturopaths & Nutritionist

Anxiety & Depression

Hormone Health - PCOS, Menopause, Night Sweats, Endometriosis, PMS

Infertility & Pre Conception Care

Children's Health - ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep disturbances, Poor Immunity, Behavioural 

Cardiovascular Health - Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss

Pyrroles & MTHFR - Genetic Testing 

We have a collaborative approach and frequently work with practitioners from other medical disciplines to optimise treatment outcomes for our patients to ensure optimal health.

We offer functional pathology tests which may include the following;

Saliva Hormones – testing female and male sex hormones and stress profile – cortisol

Thyroid Profile – comprehensive

Neuroendocrine Profile – for mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, genetic

Blood Pathology

Hair Mineral Analysis

CDSA – stool analysis and digestive health

IgG food intolerance testing

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