Happy Way Protein Powder - Banana

Happy Way Protein Powder - Banana
Happy Way Protein Powder - Banana
Happy Way Protein Powder - Banana

Happy Way Protein Powder - Banana

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100% natural and made with plant-based goodness, our Vegan Protein Powders boost energy, increase strength and nourish the mind and body from the inside out!

Fruity and fabulous, our Banana Bonanza Vegan Protein Powder is loaded with goodness and a great way to turn your homemade banana smoothie into a nutrient-packed energy booster! Smooth, creamy and filled with organic, wholesome ingredients, this is a flavour the whole family will love in everything from homemade snacks and desserts to daily smoothies and shakes.

Think banana ice cream, but good for you!

Combine two heaped tablespoons (30 g) with water or your milk of choice, mixing well in a shaker or blender to create a delicious shake or smoothie. Alternatively, add 30 grams to your morning oats, natural yoghurt or baked goodies. For optimal results, enjoy twice a day.

Is Happy Way Vegan Protein Dairy Free?

Using a vegan protein powder is great for individuals who are lactose intolerant or have issues with allergies as they can be easier to digest, promote overall gut health and help to boost metabolism

Is Happy Way Vegan Protein Safe in Pregnancy?

All of Happy Way protein supplements are safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding women, as they’re all-natural, organic and packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. We advise that you always check with your healthcare professional before using any supplement, including when you're pregnant and breastfeeding.

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