Organic Turkey Tail

Organic Turkey Tail
Organic Turkey Tail

Organic Turkey Tail

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Energy Force 

Unlock the remarkable benefits Evolution Botanical’s Organic Turkey Tail extract powder. Enjoy as a nourishing tea to help ward off fatigue, revitalise your body's natural defences and promote a healthy gut. Customers rave about its ability to boost energy and strengthen immunity. Boost your life force with this Qi (vital energy) and Jing (genetic integrity) tonic.

Certified Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder >40% β-glucans. We take a full spectrum approach carefully blending Turkey Tail 12:1 hot water extract > 40% β-glucans and whole mushroom powder. Vegan Friendly, Free from Soy, Gluten, Dairy and Non-GMO.

Turkey Tail may help:

Protect & Defend

Stir 1 level small culinary teaspoon (1.4g) into hot water or can be added to food for nutritional value. Use as a traditional tea or add to your favourite drink, nourish bowl, baking and raw treats.

Store below 25°C in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

What are some of the benefits of our Organic Turkey Tail?

Capture the transformative power of Turkey Tail mushroom to revitalise your body and mind. This potent functional mushroom is renowned for its ability to boost immunity, protect against illness, and combat fatigue. By nourishing your Jing, the vital life force, Turkey Tail can help you overcome tiredness and restore balance, all while supporting overall wellbeing. Turkey Tail may also help promote a healthy gut microbiome and improve digestion. Enjoyed as a tea, this remarkable mushroom offers a natural way to elevate your energy, strengthen your defences, restore balance, and unlock your full potential. Experience the revitalising benefits of this ancient botanical energy force.

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